3 Possible Reasons Your Ice Machine Isn't Making Ice

Ice is a modern amenity that most people have come to expect when dining out. Your restaurant probably relies on an ice machine to produce ice in bulk so that you can keep a ready supply of ice available for customers' drinks.

Discovering that your ice machine is no longer producing ice can be stressful. Though the problem will require an ice machine repair technician to fix the damage, it could cause you to lose business if you let it sit broken for too long. A lack of ice production can be traced back to many different problems within your ice machine, but the following are the three most common explanations.

1. Lack of Water

In order for your ice machine to work properly, a constant supply of water needs to be fed into the machine from a nearby plumbing connection. When the connection fails, no water enters the ice machine. Without water, there can be no ice.

A component known as the water inlet helps to regulate the flow of water into your ice machine. It is possible for this component to deteriorate over time or sustain serious damage if it gets bumped. Replacing the water inlet should restore the flow of water and allow your ice machine to function efficiently once again.

2. Faulty Bin Switch

All ice machines are equipped with a bin switch that helps sense when the storage bin is filled with ice. The switch signals the machine to stop producing ice when the bin is full so that ice cubes don't overflow the storage space and spill out onto the floor. As ice is used and the bin begins to empty, the switch will signal that more ice is needed and the production process will begin.

A faulty bin switch will signal that the bin is full when it actually isn't. Your ice machine won't produce any ice, which leads to complications. The bin switch can be replaced so that it works properly and your ice machine can remain full at all times.

3. No Water Flow Over Evaporator

Once water is fed into your ice machine through the water inlet, it needs to flow over the evaporator where it is cooled in preparation for the production of ice. When water isn't flowing over the evaporator properly, the water temperature will be too high for ice production to occur.

A faulty water pump is usually to blame for water not moving over the evaporator adequately. A faulty water pump will need to be replaced to restore function to your ice machine.

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