Run A School? 4 Ways To Protect Your Office Copiers

When you run a school, you need everything to run smoothly. This includes the office equipment. If your office equipment is having problems, your entire school will feel the pain. This is especially true where the copier is concerned. Here are four steps you can take to protect your school copiers. 

Provide Proper Training

If you have copiers in the teachers' workrooms, it's important that your staff receive proper training. Many copier problems can be traced back to inadequate training, especially where jams are concerned. To help reduce copier problems, ensure that all your staff receive training on the office equipment. When new staff comes on board, walk them through the training procedures so that they're up to speed on the copiers. If you have students who perform teaching assistant tasks, be sure to include them in the training sessions. They'll need to know how to use the copiers properly. 

Utilize Access Cards

If you want to make sure that your school copiers are safe and secure, utilize access cards. One of the benefits of utilizing access cards is that you can monitor who's using the copiers, and for what purposes. The use of access cards can reduce the unnecessary copy projects, such as the copying of hands, faces, and other body parts. Unnecessary copying projects can damage your school copiers, which takes money out of the budget. 

Conduct Weekly Maintenance

If you have copiers that your teachers and teaching assistants use on a daily basis, be sure to conduct weekly maintenance. Weekly maintenance should include emptying the hole punch drawer, checking toner and ink levels, and checking the paper trays for problems. It's also important that you wipe down the copy surface. Smudges and oil can undermine copy quality. Weekly maintenance can help you avoid minor issues that can build up to major problems that will require repairs. 

Stay on Top of the Repairs

Finally, when it comes to the copiers in your school, it's important that you stay on top of the repairs. You may think that the teachers can survive with a copier that's lagging, or that's experiencing frequent paper jams. However, those minor issues could be signs of much bigger problems. The best way to extend the life of your copiers is to call for repairs as soon as a problem is identified, even if the problem seems minor. 

Don't take chances with your school office equipment. Use the tips provided here to help keep your office copiers in tip-top shape.

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