Three Methods to Soften Your Home's Water

Do you have a problem where the water coming into your home is particularly hard? You can tell by issues such as dirty dishes with a film on them, laundry that doesn't feel soft, and difficulty getting clean in the shower.

You can get rid of these problems by choosing a soft water treatment method. 

Chelation Method

One method to soften your water is known as the chelation method. What makes this method unique is that it doesn't use salt to filter the water, but changes the water's molecules. The magnesium and calcium will be in the water when using the chelation method, but won't cause the same problems that they did before. While it is not considered a true water softening method, it is still effective at fixing problems such as scale forming on your dirty dishes.

Many people use the chelation method when they are not happy with the effects of hard water in their home, which includes the damage it can cause to your plumbing. However, this method does not improve the taste of the water. If you would like to drink directly from your faucets, you will need a drinking water filtration system.

Filtration Method

There is a way to use the chelation method but also provide great tasting water to your home. You can also use a filtration method to help improve the taste and decrease your dependence on bottled water. Distillation or reverse osmosis systems help remove actual minerals in the water to help improve the taste. A reverse osmosis system runs water through a physical filter that needs to be replaced, so many people only use these on faucets with water that they drink, such as their kitchen faucet. Meanwhile, water processed with the chelation method can go to the dishwasher, washing machine, and showers.

Magnetic Method

As you can guess by the name, the magnetic method utilizes magnets to soften your water. While it doesn't remove the minerals from the water with a magnet, it helps rearrange the minerals within the water to create water that is not as hard as it would normally be. This is accomplished by having the water run through a system where magnets are placed on the outside of the water pipes. All water that passes through that pipe will be treated with the magnet method to improve its quality. Since the method does not use filters that need replacement, it can be used to treat all water that comes into your home for drinking, cleaning, and cooking.

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