What To Know When Buying Your New Holster

Whether you use your handgun for sport or protection, you will likely need an easy way to carry it. To this end, a holster can be an indispensable tool for a gun owner. However, new gun owners or those that have only recently acquired a handgun may not always be fully informed and prepared for everything that must be considered when buying and caring for their new holster.

Comply With Your Local Laws Concerning Carrying Firearms

Firearms are inherently dangerous, and this can lead to a need for individuals to comply with all of the local safety regulations concerning these devices. Often, there will be special considerations and regulations for carrying a firearm. For example, some states may require individuals to conceal their firearms when they are carrying them. If you live in a state with these laws, you may need to opt for a stealth holster. The stealth holsters will be able to securely keep your gun in place while also being discreet and comfortable for you to wear.

Ensure The Holster Properly Fits Your Handgun

Having a handgun that does not properly fit its holster is a potentially serious mistake. In addition to the potential safety risks that this could pose, you will also find that it is extremely uncomfortable to carry a gun in a holster that is too small. When choosing a holster for your gun, it is important to either opt for a holster that is specifically made for your make and model of firearm or to have the exact measurements of your firearm. Without these measurements, you may find it extremely difficult to accurately estimate whether a firearm will be able to fit in the holster.

Clean The Holster On A Regular Basis

Gun owners will often take great pride in the condition of their firearm. As a result, they are usually diligent in keeping it clean. This can ensure the gun looks its best while also avoiding some potentially serious malfunctions, such as the firing action jamming. However, it is common to neglect to clean the holster on a regular basis. Over time, sizable amounts of residue can collect on both the interior and exterior of the holster. To prevent this dirt and other residues from getting on the firearm, the holster should be kept as clean as possible. For those that have leather holsters, the holster should also be moisturized with a leather treatment to keep it from drying out and becoming excessively brittle.

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