Why Opt For A Custom-Engraved Tombstone

No one likes thinking about death, but it's something that happens to us all. Whether you are planning your own funeral and burial or need to plan a service for a deceased loved one, one decision you will eventually have to make is what kind of tombstone or headstone to get. While there's nothing wrong with a generic headstone or name marker, you might want to do more than this for either yourself or your loved one. Today, more and more people are opting for custom engraved headstones. Here's how a company that offers custom engraved headstone services can help you.

Let Some Personality Shine Through

Death is obviously a pretty dark subject, but that doesn't mean the tombstone you select has to be as well. You can get a headstone today that serves as an appreciation of your personality or the personality of your loved one. Does the deceased have a favorite quote that they liked to say all of the time? Specific interests they pursued in life? You can create a custom engraved tombstone to include whatever quote you would like, or you can put little icons that will call out your favorite interests in sports, music and so on.

Include a Picture

Custom engraved tombstones can also include a personal representation of the deceased. The tombstone maker can create a centerpiece area where you can put a favorite picture of yourself or the one you have lost. This will add additional representation and personality to the grave. It will also allow mourners to picture you or your loved one at their best as opposed to thinking of them being in the ground.

Have the Final Say

If you are planning your own funeral and burial, getting a custom-engraved headstone completed before you pass will allow you to have the last word. You can set up your headstone to say exactly what you want. You can even use it to convey a special message to your family after you're gone. If you were the type of person who always liked being in control in life, getting a custom engraving for your own headstone is one way you can continue this narrative.

Whether you need a headstone for yourself or your loved one, going with a custom engraved headstone can allow you to add personality and life to your grave, even in death. Contact a headstone service like Memorial  Art Monument, today for more information.

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