Grow Your Concessions Business with Shaved Ice

Are you looking for ways to continue to grow your concessions business? If your current menu isn't yet bringing in the profits you desire, you'll want to seek out additional options that can drive revenue and increase your margins. To that end, one type of concession you might want to start offering your customers is snow cones or shaved ice. Here's why you might want to contact a shaved ice machine vendor today.

The Base Ingredient for Shaved Ice or Snow Cones Is Easy to Buy

When you are looking to add a new item to your menu at the concessions stand, you'll have to weigh how much it costs to actually buy all of the ingredients you need and then decide what your mark up or margin will be so you can make a profit. One of the great things about adding a shaved ice machine is that the core ingredient is just water. Whether you want to use bottled water or water that is filtered from the tap is up to you, but either way, your core ingredient for shaved ice is incredibly inexpensive, plentiful, and easy to find.

The Margins Are Outstanding

Because water and even the syrup that you add to a snow cone or shaved ice treat is so inexpensive, you can start immediately making a very nice margin or profit on every cone that you sell. Your exact price range will vary based on local competition and where your concessions stand is located. But assuming that the average snow cone or shaved ice costs you less than $1 to make, you could easily charge 300–500% more than what it cost you in ingredients and no one will bat an eye. A concessions stand located in a ballpark, amusement park or somewhere else where the customer is used to paying marked-up prices might be able to turn an even larger profit margin.

It Adds Something Different to Your Stand

If you typically offer burgers, hot dogs and other typical hot foods at your concessions stand, a shaved ice machine can help you add a complete experience. Your customers can buy hot food and then cool their tongues with some shaved ice or snow cones for dessert. Shaved ice and snow cones can also attract a younger clientele than you might be used to, and then maybe their parents will stick around to buy something else from your stand. 

Grow your concessions business by purchasing a shaved ice machine and other important supplies today. 

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