Responding To Problems With Your Home's Waterline

Malfunctions and problems with a home's waterline can impact the building's entire plumbing system. This can place an emphasis on the need for homeowners to be prepared to handle situations where the waterline is experiencing problems that are preventing it from adequately supplying the home with water.

How Can A Homeowner Know That Their Waterline Is Malfunctioning Or Damaged?

For most homes, the primary waterline will be buried deep underground. This can make it harder for the homeowner to know when there is a serious problem with this part of the plumbing system. There may be a few indications that the waterline is suffering problems. A sudden and noticeable decrease in water pressure is the most common problem to experience, but you may also find that there can be puddles or other standing water on the ground near the waterline due to the large amounts of water leaking out.

What Could Cause The Waterlines To Malfunction?

There can be many sources of malfunctions for your waterlines. Leaks and major ruptures are the most common, and they can result from the waterline shifting positions enough to cause the lines to actually break or pull apart at the joints. Another source of problems for a waterline is the accumulation of minerals and sediments in the line that can stop the flow of water. A professional waterline repair service will be needed to properly assess this plumbing line to know the source and severity of the problem.

Will The Waterlines Always Have To Be Replaced To Repair The Damage?

In situations where the waterline has suffered major structural damage, replacing it will likely be necessary. However, there are many situations where it may not be necessary to fully replace the damaged section of the waterline. A situation where this may be the case can involve the waterline being clogged due to sediments or mineral accumulations as this problem can be corrected by breaking up or dissolving these accumulations. Also, compromised seals in the waterline can be fairly easy to correct without having to replace entire sections of the waterline. While there may be instances where replacing parts or the entire waterline are unavoidable, homeowners may find that being prompt when making repairs to this part of the plumbing can help to reduce the risk of these more drastic repairs being needed.

If you have any questions about waterline repair, get in contact with a professional. 

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