4 Tips For Preventing Damage To Your Furniture During A Long-Distance Move

Moving can be a scary experience for anyone, but it can be even more so when you are traveling a longer distance. If you're planning on moving to another country or state that's far away, you may be concerned about how to protect your furniture and avoid damage that can affect the condition of your furniture later on.

Carefully Wrap Fragile Items

Some pieces of furniture could be especially fragile and end up having wear and tear that's easily visible. From scratches and nicks on wood furniture to glass surfaces being broken, you need to take measures to ensure that everything is wrapped safely and that your furniture is not going to be at risk. Whether this means using bubble wrap or securing some smaller furniture and boxes, this can help prevent some more common signs of damage.

Disassemble When Possible

Depending on the construction of your furniture, you may have the opportunity to disassemble some of the furniture pieces so that they are in good shape once they arrive at your new home. Disassembling your furniture when it's possible can make a big difference in avoiding issues where your furniture can get bumped around or be expensive to move due to its size.

Removing the legs and making sure that things are as disassembled as possible can keep things easier to move and even more affordable when you consider the size of the furniture.

Prioritize the Right Moving Methods

As you prepare for moving, it's smart to consider exactly how your furniture will be getting to your new home. For an overseas move, your furniture will likely be packed onto a plane or ship that can be quite expensive. For a move that takes place on land, you can expect the move to be more affordable with a moving truck or van.

Consider What's Safe for Travel

Taking a good look at your furniture can help you figure out what pieces of furniture are going to be safe to move and what should be sold or left behind. Avoiding moving delicate furniture can ensure that you're not going to run into issues where the furniture gets broken due to the time and work involved in a long-distance move.

Preparing for a move can make all the difference in how satisfied you feel with your upcoming move and in avoiding issues where you end up frustrated with the condition of your furniture after everything's arrived at your new home.

Talk to long distance movers to learn more.

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