Glock Gun DIY Upgrades That Can Create Collector's Value

Glock guns are quite popular. The automatic pistol is a favorite of tinkers, soldiers, cops, and spies. The tinkers—do-it-yourself gun enthusiasts—are increasing the value of Glocks as both a hobbyist's and collector's item. If you're considering Glock gun DIY upgrades, there are hundreds of gun parts and ways to customize your gun.

But if you want to build a future collector's item, aesthetic upgrades have the biggest impact on value. Here are three Glock upgrades most likely to increase your gun's value and possibly turn it into a collector's piece. 

Customized Glock Metal Bodies

The upgrade to a metal-bodied Glock seems paradoxical. The Glock introduced lightweight polymers to firearms in the 1980s. But how many plastic coins do you have in your coin collection?

Because metals have resale value, do-it-yourself upgrades with metal parts could increase your gun's value. Bodies, magazine extensions, pins, and most any Glock part are available in metal or metal finishes. Popular metallic finishes include black oxide, gold titanium nitride, burnt bronze, aluminum, and stainless steel. 

Precious Metal Glock Parts  

Glocks with parts made of gold, traditionally a high-value material, have the highest market value. And if you want to do DIY gun upgrades or build the gun from scratch, many gold Glock makers sell the gun parts separately.

Some Glocks are potential collectors' items. The highest-priced custom Glocks often have at least a touch of gold in their design. But like with cars, the availability of parts can affect the value. Whether you need gun slides, barrels, or frame pins, custom parts could become more difficult and expensive to source over time. 

The DIY Designer Models  

The latest trend in Glocks is designer-styled bodies, mostly made of polymer. DIYers making these guns often place more value on advanced features. They seek slide-stop levers, talon grips, extended magazine releases, and RMR sight parts with new functionality. 

You have a wide design range to choose from, including sporty, spy, and space-related designs. Some of the space-age plastic pistols look like cheap hand drills, but they could be worth a lot one day. 

The Originals 

In polymer designs, originals and limited editions appreciate in value long term. If your Glock has commemorative value, such as the Desert Storm Glock has, it will sell for more. Early Austrian and Swiss Guard Glocks are worth holding onto, too. In this class, though, before tinkering, you should consider if the gun will be worth more with its original parts. 

To learn more, contact a resource that offers gun DIY upgrades.

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