Ways That Your Housekeeper Will Help With Repair Jobs

When you hire a housekeeper to visit your home for a period of hours each day, you'll appreciate that you're no longer spending your valuable time on regular tasks. Duties such as laundry, cleaning, and emptying the garbage will all be on your housekeeper's daily to-do list, which will leave you more time for working, enjoying your family, or focusing on other pursuits. In any household, there are occasional repair jobs that require attention. Here are three ways that your housekeeper will deal with these situations as they arise.

Notice The Issue And Report It To You

While it's possible that you'll occasionally notice issues around your home that need repair, it's more likely that your housekeeper will be the first one to identify such things. For example, given that it's the housekeeper who is taking care of the laundry duties, it will be him or her — not you — who notices if there's a problem with the washing machine. Beyond noticing any problems, you can expect your housekeeper to bring the issue to your attention. This will likely happen in person, but if you're traveling at the time, you could likely expect a text message.

Obtain Repair Quotes

Depending on the type of repair work that your home requires, the next step in this process may be to contact a few contractors and obtain price quotes for the repair work. This isn't something that will fall on your list of responsibilities, though. Once you confirm to your housekeeper that you'd like to move in this direction, he or she will seek out reputable contractors in the community and arrange house visits to get price quotes. In the case of a problematic washing machine, a couple of repair contractors can each assess the problem and tell your housekeeper how much the repair job will be. You can then decide how to proceed — or, if you wish, leave the decision to your housekeeper.

Oversee The Repair Work

There's a good chance that the repair work will take place during business hours, which means that you may be at work or traveling for work. In such a scenario, you can have your housekeeper oversee the repair work. This involves being present to let the repair contractor in, dealing with any paperwork that he or she leaves, and keeping an eye on the visitor while he or she is inside of your home. If you're interested in other ways that a housekeeper can assist you, contact a local agency that specializes in staffing housekeepers.

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