Three Ideas For Window Pane Picture Framing

One creative way to frame a few pictures together is in a window pane frame. This idea can either use an authentic window pane — perhaps one that you find at a local antique shop — or a new frame that is designed and distressed to look like it once served as a window. If you like this idea, it's a good idea to visit a local framing service to discuss some plans. Your framing professional can show you examples of their past projects with window panes so that you can get a feel for how your framed piece might look. Here are three creative ideas for choosing pictures for this type of frame.

House Photos

A window pane frame obviously has a close association with a house, so one idea to consider is to frame different house-related pictures. If your pane has three openings in it and you've lived in three houses since adulthood, a photo of each house can be effective in the frame. Another option is to include three photos of your childhood home as a way to remember it. None of these photos have to have people in them; simply focusing on the house itself will tie in well with the type of frame.

Window View Photos

If you travel frequently, you've probably stayed in a large number of hotels and other forms of accommodation. If you're the type of person who takes a lot of photos while you travel, you may have many different shots of the views from your various rooms. For example, while staying in a hotel near the ocean, you might have taken a photo that looked out onto the water. Or, if you stayed in a downtown hotel on an upper floor, perhaps you have a photo of the city's skyline from your room. For someone with a large selection of shots taken through windows, it can be appropriate to frame some of your favorites in a window pane frame.

Cottage Photos

Choosing a rustic-looking window pane frame may be appealing to you, especially if you own or used to own a cottage that you decorated in a rustic manner. Choosing some cottage-related photos can be a fun idea for your frame. This may especially be an idea to pursue if you no longer own the cottage and you want to keep its memories alive. A photo of the cottage from the exterior, a shot of the sun rising over the lake, and a picture of your children cooking marshmallows on a fire outside can be good choices to frame.

Reach out to a picture framing service once you've decided which photos you'd like to frame. 

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