4 Benefits Of Onsite Calibration

If you have a large number of specialized instruments that your business uses daily that need to be calibrated, you should consider the benefits of onsite calibration. Onsite calibrations provide a host of advantages over sending your sensitive equipment off-site to be calibrated.

#1: Eliminate Downtime

When you have to send your equipment off-site to be calibrated, there is a lot of downtimes. You have to take apart and pack up your equipment, transport or ship the equipment to the calibration center, get it calibrated and shipped back to you, and set the equipment up again without compromising the calibration process.

Your equipment will spend more time being transported, taken apart, and set up than it will actually spend being calibrated. Off-site calibration requires your equipment to be off-line for an expensive period, which can impact your bottom line and productivity.

With onsite calibration services, your equipment only needs to be off-line long enough for the calibration process to take place. It should be calibrated with some equipment when it is being operated, so for that equipment, you will not have any downtime. Downtime can be very costly, so eliminating downtime can make the calibration process more affordable. 

#2: Eliminate Shipping Costs

Shipping sensitive equipment is no cheap task. You must use specialized boxes and containers to ship the equipment to ensure it isn't damaged. You generally have to pay for specialized white-glove shipping as well. Shipping costs to get your equipment calibration can quickly add up; you can eliminate the shipping cost with onsite calibration.

#3: More Frequent Calibrations

With little to no downtime and no shipping costs, you will be able to afford to calibrate your equipment more frequently. More frequent calibration means your equipment will have a greater chance to work as optimally as possible. You will enjoy better performance from your equipment with more frequent calibration.

#4: Lab Quality Calibration

Onsite calibration is just as vigorous as off-site calibration. A highly trained calibration technician will come to your place of work. They will talk with you to understand the technical requirements you need from your equipment. They will store the date from the calibration process in a calibration asset management system that you can access at any time. They will provide you with all the documentation you need onsite before leaving.

With onsite calibration, you will get the same high-quality calibration you would off-site, with less downtime, no shipping costs, and personal interaction with the calibration specialist. 

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