What Extras To Make Sure You Have In Your Farm Insurance

Farm insurance is an absolute must-have for anyone who runs any sort of agricultural or livestock-driven property. Not only can farm insurance save you from bankruptcy in the event of an emergency, but it can also just give you the peace of mind to continue doing your job, safe in the knowledge that you won't lose your home and livelihood if something were to happen. This confidence is what you need to continue being a good and proactive farmer, but it only comes when you have a good policy that covers all the most common events. Here are three extras you need to ensure are in your farm insurance policy.

Fire And Flood Damage

Sometimes basic policies will only cover one of these or perhaps neither. It is so critical that you check before you sign on to your policy that you have fire and flood damage insurance, as these are the two major events that will kill all of your crop or livestock in one fell swoop. While other disasters that affect your livestock are generally slower-moving and can be prevented, such as disease, fire and floods are often unavoidable. Do not wait until it is too late. Make sure you have protection from these two elements going forward. 

Worker Insurance

Often farm insurance is more catered to protecting your property or your belongings, not the employees that work them. This can be quite jarring to find out in the event of an accident, and the last thing you want to have to do is face a lawsuit from an ex-employee who broke a leg (or worse) farming your land. Some kind of worker insurance is very important if you do have people coming and going about your land, helping you cultivate it. Even if it is just seasonal work, make sure to get this as part of your policy. 


Some types of farm insurance will allow you to even insure the items once they have left your property but before they have made it to market. Transportation insurance is often overlooked, considering this could be the most dangerous time for your goods. All it takes is one accident or one poorly secured truck to see months of work come crashing down. This is particularly important if you make long trips to sell your goods, but it is useful for farmers of all kinds. If you want to be protected from start to finish, then transportation insurance is a must. 

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