Is It Okay To Let Someone Else Write Your Resume?

Passing off someone else's work as your own is plagiarism, and is generally frowned upon. Whether this is at school, at college, or in the workplace, there are consequences. But there are times, within a professional setting, when it might be assumed that someone else's work is your own, and you might be content to let that assumption remain. This leads to the question—is it okay to let someone else write your resume?

It's Quite Subjective

The very idea of something being okay or not is quite subjective. What one person might find ethically dubious might not be of the slightest concern for someone else. And isn't it common to receive some type of assistance when crafting a resume? After all, you might have a friend or family member check your work to look for any shortcomings or areas of confusion. Similarly, it's likely that you used a Microsoft Office or Google Docs template to create it, instead of starting entirely from scratch. 

A Matter Of Efficiency

Instead, think of the issue as being one of efficiency, as opposed to anything related to ethics. Unless you're applying for a job as a resume writer, your relative skill at writing a resume isn't going to affect your ultimate success in the potential job. The resume exists to strategically showcase your employment history and skills. The document should get these points across in the most effective way possible. Look at it this way—many politicians and public figures are consulted on any speeches they must give, and undoubtedly contribute something to its content, without actually writing those speeches themselves. This is accepted, because it's the most successful way to convey the content in question. 

Well-Crafted And Concise

You must also consider the fact that many professional resume writing services exist—and it's not exactly a secret. If anything, utilizing such a service to create the best possible outcome for your employment chances can be taking the initiative. And the differences can be striking. One of the most valuable skills in creating content is knowing what to cut, and your resume may be weighed down by irrelevant and redundant information. A good resume writing service will provide you with a well-crafted, concise resume, without any embellishment. Who actually compiled the document isn't all that relevant, since the resume only exists to provide an accurate description of your capabilities—and it's not as though your intention is to pass someone else's work off as your own!

Whether or not you have any concerns about having someone else write your resume is largely up to you. But these concerns are unfounded, and may not be shared by your competitors for the job. It's all about presenting your experience and skills in the most efficient way. Visit a site like for more information on resume writing services.

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