Symptoms Indicative Of The Need For Water Well Pump Repairs

A functional well can be an indispensable amenity on your property, and this is due to the range of benefits it provides. Nonetheless, this does not mean that your water well will not require professional upkeep from time to time. The pump, in particular, is vulnerable to damage from time to time, which can be credited to the fact that it is tasked with the heavy-duty job of directing the water into your home whenever it is needed. But despite how critical this electromechanical equipment is to one's well water supply, not many homeowners know how to spot the signs of potential damage to their well pump. Consequently, they continue using it when it is compromised, which only works to worsen the undiagnosed problem. Short of this device completely losing its ability to pump water into your home, here are a couple of more symptoms to be wary of that are indicative of the need for water well pump repairs.

The well pump is not turning off

When residential water well pumps are in optimum condition, they are designed to turn on once the water levels in pressure tanks have dipped below a specific level. Once your pump swings into action, it draws water into the pressure tank, and once certain levels are surpassed, the water well pump will turn off on its own. That being said, the moment your water well pump starts to run continuously, you should be concerned about an underlying problem with this device. In some scenarios, the continuous running could stem from open faucets in the home that are making it challenging for the well pump to fill the pressure tank. However, if you check all faucets and find none are open, this issue could be caused by a defective pressure switch. If the pressure switch does not relay to the pump that the pressure tank is filled, the well pump wills stay operational. It is also worth noting that the well pump will not turn off if there is an undiagnosed leak in the system.

The well water is dirty 

Although well water may smell or taste slightly different from treated municipal water, this is mainly because well water has a high mineral content than conventional tap water. But this is not to say that the well water should have a distinctly dirty color to it. Once the water starts to turn brown, you should stop using the well water and hire professionals to determine the cause of this problem. In some cases, the pump could be placed much lower than it needs to be, and this allows it to pump sediment along with the water. The dirty water could also stem from physical damage to the pump that permits sand and other debris to breach the pump. To ensure your household is not utilizing jeopardized water, you must enlist water well pump repairs.

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