Here's What You Need To Know Before Buying A Lift Chair Recliner

Lift chair recliners are classified as durable medical equipment (DME) and are ideal for people with conditions affecting their posture or muscles. Although there are many such chairs in the market, it's crucial to know certain things before buying one to get the right product. 


As a piece of medical equipment, a lift chair recliner often requires a prescription from a physician. Without one, you risk buying the wrong recliner, which could cost you financially and health-wise. Keep in mind that a physician accounts for your weight and the severity of your condition. Ensure you talk to a physician before heading to a lift chair recliner store. 


Maintaining a recliner should only be left to experienced experts. Ensure you get a standard recliner used by many as it ensures a good number of people who know how to use it. Your physician will give you this information. 

The Medical Condition

When shopping for a lift chair recliner, buying one that fits your medical condition is crucial. Since there are no two identical medical conditions, the same principle should apply to the recliners. Research recliners suited to your medical condition to avoid escalating and worsening your condition. 

Ease of Use

It's bad enough that you have to struggle with your condition, so buying a recliner that's complex to operate shouldn't be on your list. Additionally, it shouldn't be too heavy to lift, which would hamper efforts or intentions of moving it. A heavy recliner also discourages people from attempting to help you move, given the amount of work required. 


Besides offering comfort and helping you manage a medical condition, a recliner should also be affordable. The recliner cost could amount to a few thousand dollars, so shopping for an affordable option is highly encouraged. Seek out referrals from friends and physicians. Check with your medical health coverage to see the percentage of the cost they can cover. Additionally, you can ask whether the lift chair recliners store has a discount which helps to bring down the total cost. 

Place of Use

Recliners can be used at home or in offices, and you should know where you wish to put them. Home recliners are bigger than office recliners since you have more space at home. Ensure you check where you spend most of your time to get the right recliner. 


Recliners are perfect for people with skeletal or muscular problems who can't stand, walk, or sit in fixed positions for long. Before buying one, you need to know the cost, maintenance, ease of use, where you plan to use it, and your medical condition. Contact a professional if you need help choosing a lift chair recliner

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