4 Reasons Besides Seasonal Hiring To Use A Temp Agency

When businesses look at working with a temp agency, they often focus on seasonal hiring. That is a legitimate use of a staffing agency, but there are many other reasons to use one. If your organization is confronting any of the following problems, you might want to call a temp agency.


Whether an absence is planned or unexpected, you may still end up working down a person. Some organizations just don't have the additional staff to fill roles if someone gets sick or even goes on vacation. A temp agency allows you to address short- or medium-term staffing needs without going through the full hiring process.

Especially if you're confident that the absent individual will return, this is a good way to staff your business in the interim without facing potential issues surrounding the hire's eventual termination. Everyone will know the deal when the person comes aboard. This can reduce legal issues based on labor laws since the temp will simply return to their employer, the agency.

Trial Period

Hiring anyone comes with some risk. Particularly if a business has collective bargaining, there may only be a short period before a new hire falls under the agreement's terms. Using a temp agency will buy you time to give someone a trial run before committing to them as a permanent employee. Once they've shown that they're a good worker, you can make a long-term job offer.

Competitive Job Market

As the job market proves to be stubbornly competitive, lots of businesses are turning to temp labor just to fill roles at all. If you're having a hard time finding anyone to apply for a job, a temp agency might be able to plug some people into roles. Even if you just stick with people until you find better fits, the extra bodies can make a difference.

Specialized Help

Companies also can struggle to find specialized help. Especially if you only need a specialist for a particular period, working with a temp agency is likely to be your best option. For example, a company might need several IT people to assist it with setting up a new office building. Once everyone has worked out the bugs in the process, though, the company will likely want to return to a normal-sized IT staff.

Some businesses will work with a staffing agency to filter skilled professionals who fall outside the firm's knowledge domain, too. If you run a grocery store but need to hire a finance professional, an agency can handle the hiring process. Once you're comfortable with the person, you can offer a position.

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