Tent Styles Help Inform Best Rental Options

Weddings, reunions, festivals, and a variety of fundraising functions often need extra space or a temporary shelter for guests to enjoy festivities without overfilling a venue. Tent rentals make it possible to turn any location — even an open field or empty lot — into a stunning destination for a special event. A variety of tent types exist with a wide assortment of add-on options and configuration possibilities, so after deciding whether a tent is right for an occasion, it's time to make several more decisions before signing a rental contract. 

Tent shape and quantity

Event tent rentals include a variety of options including high peak, pole, sailcloth, frame, and structure tents. When choosing a tent, it's important to consider both aesthetics and the method of anchoring required when picking a style. According to Academy Rentals Inc., pole and sailcloth tents require anchoring into grass or asphalt while other options can be secured with water barrels or concrete blocks. With set anchors, more real estate is needed, so tent size may need to be sacrificed on a limited lot.

Different tent styles and sizes may also utilize center poles for stability. Based on the type of event and interior layout planned, center poles can be a design asset for mounting light, sound, or decor elements while events taking place in a tighter space can benefit from a wide-open layout. 

Tents are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate a party with a massive guest list, but even with a large tent, multiple tents may be preferable to provide different environments for guests. For example, a wedding party may choose one tent for a dance floor to party all night and a separate space for guests to lounge and mingle away from the beat. An additional, functional tent may also house supplies for florists, caterers, and staff.

Tent trimmings

Climate, setting, and the potential for inclement weather dictate the type of exterior trimmings required for a tent. For example, side walls are available with multiple tent types, and they are offered in multiple styles, per Peerless Events and Tents. Opaque walls are the best option for maximum weather protection and privacy. Sheer, mesh, and windowed options offer an outside view and allow in exterior light but still provide a measure of bug and weather protection versus a wide-open wall. Tent rental companies can also add sheer panels and drapes to the ceilings to provide additional effects for decor.

Interior options

Interior decorating is the responsibility of the renter, but tent rental companies can help inform certain decisions. Tents with heavier anchoring and ample support structures can handle more hanging directions and design elements, such as lighting, floral arrangements, and sound system components. Always ask a rental company for specifications on weight limits and look for any mounting restrictions detailed in the rental contract.

For more info about tent rentals, contact a local company. 

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